Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Party box

Hi all, Been a bit quiet round these parts lately. Ive been busy pottering around the house and hanging out with the family but today I thought I'd just share a quick project I did one night organizing our party supplies.

I was using this old nappy box to hold unfinished projects but thought with a bit of prettying up, it could be put to better use.

So a layer of wrapping paper later we had this:

I didn't bother with the inside since it was going to be hidden away in a cupboard anyhow.

And inside houses my larger disposable party items and yes, that is some Australia Day stuff in the bottom which I had no home for!

This box sits in the bottom of our dining unit along with some entertaining pieces.
(except the items up the top dont really belong but again, had no other home for)

On the shelf above you can see my other party supplies box

Just a cheapie box I picked up from the dollar shop which I thought to be very appropriate for what it stores!

Inside this one is balloons, candles, plastic tablecloths and leftover invites which I probably wont use but didn't want to throw away. The green bag holds balloon sticks.
I also added sparklers I found randomly stuck in a vase. The things we do when hiding items!

I don't really have that much but I do like to keep everything together so when it comes to planning those special events, I can just have a look and see what we already have.

Maybe this gives you an idea on how to corral your party items.

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