Thursday, 21 March 2013

A quick trip to NZ

At the beginning of the week, I took a short trip to Auckland, NZ for business.

To be honest, even though it was a great opportunity for work, I was not looking forward to leaving Master A for 4 days. In the lead up when he was being his usual cute self, I would get upset that I would be leaving him and he was none the wiser. However on the day I had to say goodbye, I was surprisingly ok about it. I didn't even cry when I drove away!

Now this was no smooth sailing flight. Oh no. I just have to give a quick run down on what sort of mess I got myself into.

Our work books all their flights through a corporate travel agent and they failed to get clarification of mine and my collegues PASSPORT name.
Anyway, so we both go to check in on the direct flight out of Adelaide to Auckland. The lady behind the desk starts looking closely at my passport and BAM! I realise exactly what shes noticed. My passport is under my maiden name as I havent used it since 2008!! Oh Em Gee! So obviously they couldnt accept me and I had to try and change my booking name with the flight company. 90mins later and many a phone call and hold music, I managed to change my name..however when Im trying to check in, my collegue, (whose Sri Lanken and travelling on a Sri Lanken passport) gets pulled up that his passport has his full Sri Lanken name and his booked name is his English name. God damn!
So at the end of the day, we miss that flight, another hour later and plenty more phone calls and hold music, we change his name along with our flights. Luckily we got on one that day however this was now going to be via Melbourne.
No flights to Auckland were safe. Firstly when we tried to book in with Virgin domestic, they hadnt finalised the booking when I was on the phone = 20min delay.
Then in Melb heading to Auckland, my friend gets pulled aside, questioned as he had a name change making him suspicious.
Then at Auckland customs, he also gets double checked as he also didnt have a Visa. (this was ok as he is an Australian resident).

At 2am and 17hrs  later, I eventually got to bed.

The rest of the trip was pretty drama free except for being so damn tired.

This was the view from my hotel window...Sky Tower in the background

Auckland street

Its very similar to Australia, in particular reminded me of Parramatta with the hilly streets and also Sydney and Melbourne.

Breakfast views..

One night we went out for dinner at the Sky Tower...

Views from the Observation deck...

 View from our table..

Mmmm Mocktail....

Entree: Buffalo mozzarella with caramelised fig and a sweet spicy sauce

Main: salmon, mashed potato, prawns, bok choy ...delish!

Dessert: Honey panna cotta and in the background, chocolate fondant. So yummy but we couldn't finish them both.

We flew home yesterday and I couldn't wait to hug both my boys

No more trips for a little while again. Glad I can relax and enjoy the upcoming Easter holidays.

Sunday, 10 March 2013



This may not be the most flattering shot of my son, but I love how it captures his big, beautiful, brown eyes.

Enjoying the coolness of an icy pool on a hot Autumn day.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


My little boy looking more grown up after his second ever haircut
Joining in with Che & Fidel - Portrait a week Project

Friday, 1 March 2013

Maternal thoughts

40 weeks with Master A. Yes, I was massive!

On the way to work this morning I was thinking about the prospect of giving Master A any future siblings.

It's something I often think about, like; age gaps, being pregnant again, birthing, money, maternity leave etc and quite often I end the thought with: Not yet. And sometimes- maybe not ever.

From that statement its obvious I'm so not ready to go through the baby thing again. Somthing I find weird because there was a time when it was almost a given that I would become a mother- a stay at home mother and have lots of babies. But Im in my 30's and I'm not a stay at home mother and I dont have lots of babies. Just one adorable one that Husby and I love to bits.

When I was in high school I either wanted to become a vet nurse or a kindergarten teacher and so I chose to do work experience in both those fields. This was great because it was then that I came to realise I really preferred working with animals rather than kids and so a couple years later, I became a qualified vet nurse.

Due to my new found career, being single and not being around kids or babies for awhile, I felt I lost my touch and I was always hesitant to play with or interact with any children. I wasnt sure how to act around them and lost my confidence.

Then I got older and met a wonderful man, we fell in love, and had our a child of our very own, as did some of our friends. I felt I got my groove back and I love being a mum however I'm not sure how many children we're destined to be blessed with.

I dont get those 'feelings' like some people say they get when they can see themselves having 2, 3, 4 or a soccer team house full of kids. And some people know straight away when their time is up and stick with having an only child.

I'd have to say that's where I am right now. Just the three of us but I also struggle with how I feel knowing Master A would be an only child. No live in playmate, no-one to laugh with, have sleepovers with, cry with. Like how I did with my brother.

Both Husby and I come from a family of 4. we both have younger brothers and even though my brother and I used to bicker, I do remember being pretty good friends...most of the time!

So Im in two minds and obviously we dont have to decide right now and obviously we're not looking at getting pregnant within the next year. If anything, I had already planned in my head to have a  3+ year age gap.

Rght now Im happy with just being the three of us and watching our precious little man blossom and grow into this amazing toddler. It really is the most incredible experience and Im trying to take it all in.

One day at a time.

How did you know when you were done with children?
Did you have those conflicting thoughts like me?