Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Some beachy fun!

We live quite near to one of SA's great southern beaches but we definately don't utilize it enough, especially in Summer. This year I want to change that, especially now Master A is that bit older and he is such a water baby, just like his Daddy!
Last Sunday was our first trip this Summer. And I just bought my new toy. Ironic much?! So I took much delight in click click clicking away at my fav two boys. Their love for each other (and the beach) is pretty obvious...dont ya think?!

This is definately something we'll have to do more often! But maybe bring some wet gear next time!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

An early present

For so long Ive wanted a DSLR. I'd lust over peoples glorious photos taken on one and I'd try so hard to replicate the same sort of clear, light filled images with my own plain old 'point and shoot'. But, of course, it just wasnt the same.

Money was always the issue, I couldnt justify spending that amount of money, especially as the last 18mths have been quite tough money wise. But we're picking ourselves up and now that Husby is working casually and Ive been saving like crazy, I decided maybe now would be the time to start looking again. Plus it was coming up to that crazy time of year...Xmas but also my birthday.

I found my new love on Gumtree for a steal and thought I better just go for it and take the plunge.

So I did. And I couldnt be happier.

Today I spent all day click, clicking away at anything and anyone.

Hre are some of my very first SLR shots. I basically just looked for anything of interest around my place. I also took her to the beach...but those are for another post....

Monday, 3 December 2012

Gotta get my Christmas on!

Last week I mentioned I was struggling to get into the Christmas spirit. Ive been flat out with work, travelling and what not, whilst trying to fit in family stuff, know, normal Mum stuff.
I was getting frustrated as all I wanted to do was to get my Christmas on. Do some crafting, baking, tablescaping, work out a meal plan for the big day. All the fun stuff I love about Christmas.

On the weekend I grasped the opportunity to get the Chrissy decorations out and merry the house up a bit.


Even though I dont have half as many decorations as I'd like, it certainly worked and I cant wait to get crafting on some projects I have up my sleeve. Lets hope time is on my side!
These are Master A's special ornanments from last year, his first Christmas. He was 5mths old.