Friday, 16 November 2012

An Eventful Night

Now let me tell you. About an hour ago this post would have had a very different title. Namely 'The WORST night EVER!'
However an hour into the future and its been downgraded to just Eventful.
And it goes a little something like this:

So after a 10hr shift (normally 7.5hr) I go and pick Master A up from childcare. He was actually in a great mood considering it was already 6 o'clock and he hadnt even eaten dinner.

Drive home was uneventful. A rusk kept him occupied and we arrived home about 6:40pm.

Dinner was ok after a couple of knockbacks we settled with easy yoghurt cos I knew he'd eat it.
Meanwhile I was getting my own tea ready to have after he went to bed.

Then it was time to tackle the bath. This is where it went pear shaped and I was ready for that.
So I chucked him the bath (not literally of course!). Tears were streaming so I got the deed over as quickly as possible. (He did have yoghurt smeared everywhere!)

Off to the changetable where he started to just get hysterical. So much so he was coughing and choking, like you do when youre just so darn upset.

Anyway off to get the bottle which I knew would calm him down and then it was home free.

Well so I thought.

On the way to the kitchen, still hysterical, he starts coughing and out comes some spitty vomit. In that split second I knew what was coming but I was too late.

POWERCHUCK everywhere. And not once but TWICE!

We have wooden floors which comes in handy in these cases but Master A's aim was so good he even managed to get some on the one rug we have in the house!

So at this stage we have vomit all over him, me, the rug, the floors. Oh, and Mr Seahorse. His favourite toy.

So off we all go into the bathroom again and chuck him back in the bath. Meanwhile I'm stripping off and about to lose my shit.

So we repeat the bath process again. Changetable, new jammies, clean Mr Seahorse and manoeuvre our way back through the living room, dodging vomit along the way.

Make it to the kitchen relatively unscathed.

Bottle is fed. Once relaxed again I decide Ill try and tackle this mess.

So I prop Master A on the lounge, out of the way and get to cleaning.

Ive almost finished cleaning the walkway when he starts getting hysterical again.

And he powerchucks again.

All over the couch.

Our suede couch.


I'm about to join Master A and cry. I throw my hands up in the air and ask God why? What the fuck have I done to you tonight?!

I grab Master A, who, by the way, is still vomiting and crying hysterically. Pop him on the floor nowhere near any fabric and get to finish cleaning so we have somewhere clean to walk.

The poor kid is sitting in a pool of this afternoons food and muttering obscenities to myself even though I know its no-ones fault.

Bath, change for the third time and I get to cleaning up the mess. Again! This time Master A is sitting near me ON THE WOODEN FLOOR.

So here I am 90mins later writing this post. Master A's now in bed and Ive vacuumed and mopped all the floors. I still havent had tea and the washing machine is now beeping at me.

The vomit covered clothes are now clean.

So I just had to get that out. Not only for a riveting blog post but also for something to look back on and maybe have a chuckle about.


PS I was flying solo tonight. Husby was at work.
Damn him.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Driving. No longer one of lifes simple pleasures.

I was thinking, whilst I was driving home from work, how much I used to enjoy driving.

Back in my heyday it wasn't unusual for me to just get into my car and drive, just for fun.

I'd play my favourite tunes, wind down the windows and let the car take me wherever. Its something I
still sometimes do, just not very often.

I might pack Master A up and head down to the Esplanade, take in the wonderful scenery and look at the dreamy beach houses. But unfortunately being out on the road can also be a risk. And this is no more apparent than now.

Its a shame that this once stress reliever, now brings with it the stress of trying to get home safely everyday. There are so many idiots on the road, you can be the most aware driver but one momentary second of distraction can lead to disaster.

Now Im not saying I'm perfect in the driving stakes. In fact, Ive had my share of fines and also, shamefully, loss of licence *gasp* but I'm not going to sit here and make excuses. I screwed up and I admit that, but i have also learnt my lesson and have been 'clean' for more than 3 years now.

Its the people that constantly think its ok to defy the law whilst in the meantime putting innocent peoples lives in danger.

Ive seen a couple of news stories lately that really brought this home.

One was about young men who have been drink driving and subsequently killed people, mostly their own friends, and the impact this now has on the rest of their lives. They have to carry that memory around with them forever haunted with the 'what ifs' and 'If onlys'.

Another report showed how dangerous texting is. Now I'm sure 80% of people do it or have done in the past. I stick my hand up and shout 'Guilty'! But that split second you look down could be the worst mistake of your life. And it was a massive wake up call that I have to do everything in my power to keep my family and myself safe. Unfortunately I cant control all those around me but i certainly can control my own actions.

I ask you all to just take a moment. Think before you pull out in front of someone, or get behind the wheel after a couple of reds, or pick up the phone to text or speed down the backstreets. Is it really that important to do any of those things, just to make it home 5mins early, or reply to that message RIGHT NOW. Im sure getting home safely is the number one priority as it also would be for all other fellow road users.

Driving is a privilege not a right. No single someone owns the road. We must share and consider the safety of those around us.

(PS: Even thought this was a serious topic i thought i would end with this image. It made me giggle!)


Saturday, 10 November 2012

A very High Tea 60th!

My dear mum turned the big 6-0 a couple of weeks ago and to celebrate i threw her a High Tea party.

My lovely Aunty offered her house as the venue, which was perfect. Her garden has the best backdrop we could ask for considering the theme.

I spent a couple of months planning and liasing with Mum and my aunty, scanned good ol' Pinterest (what on earth did we do before that site?!!) and shopping around for ideas.

I love to entertain even though I'm stressed on the day and exhausted by the end of it! I love how it makes people happy and brings them together. Mum had a few of her high school friends come and her sister travelled from Sydney.

Food was very important and I'd spent a few hours scouring my cookbooks and making a plan.

In the end there was:

Caramal filled shortbread
Melting moments
Coconut and Passionfruit slice
Hedgehog slice
Cherry and nut fudge
Red velvet cupcakes
Chocolate cake

I did all the sweet stuff, my Aunty did sandwiches and sis in law made ham n cheese croissants, just to balance out the overload of sugar!

We also decided on a fruit platter at the last minute considering the weather was a balmy 35C!

I decorated the table with flowers I bought for Mum and my Aunty and some ceramic cupcake jars.
I was so disappointed as I'd ordered all these decorations and cupcake wrappers etc online but it didnt turn up on time. I had to make do with what I had. Although really, the food was the main attraction.


 Aren't these just the sweetest cupcake holders?! So fitting for the day!
I made my mums cake. I like to decorate cakes but Im not really good at it. I always have this awesome image in my mind but it doesnt translate through into my hands!! To minimise stress (cause that's really important!) I usually buy packet cakes so i can concerntrate on the decoration.

 All in all it turned out a great day. And this little guy had a ball!! Needless to say, he crashed on the way home straight to bed!